2019-07-31: Project 300 Update

  • Based on current estimates we expect to complete the delivery of the 2nd stage Pre-orders by mid-October.

  • We are ready to release the next 50 pieces of the Project 300 for purchase. Customers that have signed up for the “wait list” to be notified via email will have first option on these pieces until August 6th. The email that is scheduled to go out at 12:00 pm EST will have instructions and a link to a private ordering page. General ordering will open on August 7th and will be made available on this page for any pieces that have not been reserved by the “wait list” customers. These watches, based on our current projections, will be ready to ship over the course of Q4 of 2019. Assembly on these new orders will begin after the shipments of the 2nd stage Pre-order customers have been completed in mid-October. We estimate that assembly of these 50 pieces will take about 8-10 weeks so kindly note that we can not guarantee pre-Christmas delivery. (To be clear these aren’t the last 50 pieces but the next 50 pieces that we have parts on hand and are able to build. We will continue to release the available slots in batches according to the number of QC’d parts that we have on hand in order to avoid prolonged delays between payment and shipment.)