2019-06-10: Project 300 Update

Delivery update:

  • Plankowner shipments are complete with two exceptions. One customer is waiting on a case back we need to repair or remake. The second customer is making special arrangements for shipment and delivery.

  • 2nd Stage Pre-order customers: Delivery has begun. We still need to QC some of the hour and minute hands but we have enough parts already QC’d for more than half of the 2nd Stage Pre-orders. For the remaining customers in this stage, based on historical scrap rates, we expect to have enough parts to complete these pieces. At this point in time we expect to complete delivery of the 2nd Stage Pre-orders before the end of this year.

  • General Ordering: We will re-open ordering for the Project 300 in June/July 2019. We have been holding back the remaining available pieces for as long as possible so as to dedicate time to the delivery of the pre-orders. Please note that any orders placed in June/July will begin shipping after the 2nd Stage Pre-order deliveries have been completed. If you would like to be notified via email when ordering re-opens please add yourself to the “Notify Me” list here or here (its the same either way).

tini chen