2019-04-02: Project GMT/Key West

Currently we are in full assembly and delivery mode for the Key West GMT. At the current pace we should be done before the end of June but hopefully sooner than that. Toward that end we are pushing back by 4 weeks the re-opening of the Paradive Gen 3 orders until the end of April. We are completing the Key West watches in batches according to the dial color. Deliveries are made according to the sequence in which deposits were placed as sorted by dial color. This process is quicker and more efficient than following the deposit sequence more strictly but will appear more disjointed from the outside looking in. As a result all of the 2nd stage pre-order customers for the 1005/1006 (matte black dial) have been shipped and we have begun the deliveries of the General Order customers. For the 1001/1002s (white/gilt dial) we have one 2nd stage pre-order left to fill before we begin the assembly and delivery of the General Order customers. The 1003/1004s proved to be the most difficult to assemble and the most popular so we have 5, 2nd stage pre-order customers left to deliver before we begin on the General Order pieces.

There are a handful of the Key West GMT watches remaining but we are holding on to those spots for the time being to make sure we have enough movements to fill those slots. If you are interested a waitlist is in operation on the product page for the Key West GMT.

As always thank you to all of the those that have ordered for their patience with the process.