2019-04-02: Project 300 Update

The Plankowner orders for the Project 300 are currently in the assembly and delivery stage. All of the parts are in stock and QC’d with the exception of the sapphire inlays which we will have to QC as we go. In short we we expect to make steady progress. For the 2nd stage Pre-order customers all the parts are in stock but approximately half of the orders’ hands need to be QC’d and all of the inlays required still have to be QC’d. Our current projection is that we expect to finish the Plankowner deliveries around the end of June and the 2nd stage Pre-order customers by end of September. Ordering will re-open for the Project 300 in the 2nd half of this year if we stay on schedule. If anyone is interested in an email notification when ordering re-opens please submit your email here.

To those wondering about the delivery sequence. The Plankowners have been scheduled according to their original deposit order numbers. For example these are the number for the first 17 Plankowner orders (in order from left to right, top to bottom):

4456 4463 4464 4466 4468 4469 4479 4479 4480 4488 4499 4523 4562 4608 4679 4679 4711

[Added 2019-04-03: As a point of clarification the numbers above represent the first 17 orders and we are currently working on the 16th through 21st orders. These customers have already been contacted via email. The numbers listed above precede the current e-boutique platform so these orders do not show up in your order history. The second of the three payments the Plankowners made show up in the current e-boutique but not the first payment sales orders. The order numbers from the second and third payments were not used for scheduling purposes. This is our standard procedure so that customers do not feel unnecessary pressure to make the 2nd deposit payments or their final selections.]

For the 2nd stage pre-order customers the orders will be batched by Date and Non-date. This should result in a faster process overall but the delivery sequence will only approximately follow the first deposit sales order number.

Thank you for everyone’s continued patience and support with this process.