Project 300 Update Next Week

A quick note that we will post a Project 300 update next week (2018-08-24: Finalizing our taxes is running into overtime so the update will be posted next week). We were essentially working on the QC of the parts all of July. We didn't post an update with the exception of one or two pics on Instagram only because its actually a process that requires a lot of focus and involves a lot of repetition. We figured that most customers would be on vacation or traveling so we were shooting for an update at the end of this month. However it seems people are back and looking for news so we will put together an update for publication next week.

Based on one person's feedback of our Instagram stories (and just to be clear ;) ...

  • I don't water ski
  • I don't surf
  • I haven't been in a lake or at a lake side cottage
  • I am not a fashion photographer out of Malibu, CA and I wasn't in Greece.
  • I was in NYC for 3 days at the beginning of August leading up to picking up my family at JFK from their vacation that I had to bail on because of the workload here. I spent most of those three days sleeping in my hotel room and meeting friends and press. 

Most of the images you see on Instagram are submissions from customers and friends. If it's not a work picture it probably wasn't me. In truth I spent most of July drinking about 10-12 cups of coffee a day, working 12 hour days, and taking cat naps on my shop floor.....not very inspiring IG material :)

Thanks for your patience.