Project 300 Update

  • Test assemblies for the 300 are currently in process. So far things are proceeding as expected. Over the next couple of weeks we will be progressively testing the parts. We have performed test assemblies with the main case body and started the visual quality assurance (VQA) on the bracelets and case bodies.
  • The two major things that we have yet to do are VQA the bezels and verify the fit of the bracelets. We need to install about 30 bezels to the case bodies to test the springs as well as the fit of the bezel itself. We are QC'ing the case bodies so that we can perform the initial tests on the 2nd quality case bodies in the event there are any problems. The same goes for the bracelets.
  • We have enough dials in stock to cover the Plankowners and all the pre-order customers. We just finished the VQA of the latest batch of hands and we have enough hands in stock to cover the Plankowner orders and approximately half of the pre-order customers. We estimate that we will have enough hands available for the remaining pre-order customers before the end of the year after we place an additional hand order.
  • Delivery timetable: We shall see how the remaining testing shakes out over the next few weeks. If all is well we will begin deliveries before the end of the summer. If we discover any issues we will have to evaluate their impact on assembly and delivery and adjust the estimate from there.

Thank you again for your support of and patience with the process!