General Update

Finally back to "normal" after recovering from the jet lag last week. At the moment we have almost cleared the backlog of orders placed while we were traveling and will resume the Benchcrafted (TM) production project next week. I didn't resume work on the Benchcrafted (TM) projects yet because of the jet lag since they are more complicated and require more concentration, which is generally lacking when the fog of jet lag is with you.

Updates by Project:

* Project 300: The test assemblies will start next week.

* Project GMT/Key West: Deliveries will resume this month. We should also get to offering the last or second to last group of slots to those interested.

* Paradive Gen 3: The current version is temporarily out of stock. An announcement regarding availability will be made during this month's newsletter that should be out in a 2 weeks or so.

* Hawkinge: The non-dates are in stock. For the date version we have some seconds that we will be offering probably next month.  As for their return to normal stock status we are don't have an answer yet (but they will be back!)