Project 300 Update

This is way overdue mostly because I had to find time to figure out the new site. (I was told not to touch anything by the designer :D so I had to find time to be "taught" to use to the new system.) So here is a quick update as I have to write two more of these this morning:

  • Dials: We have completed the QC of the date and non-date dials and we have enough parts on hand for all of the Plankowners and the Pre-order customers
  • Hands: The first batch of hands have returned from the "lumers". The acceptance rate is lower than we hoped but much better than the last batch. So we have enough hands to begin assembly but will probably have to go through 5-6 more batches to get enough hands for all the Plankowners and Pre-order customers. At the moment we are prepping the next batch of "raw" hands to be sent out for lume application.
  • Case parts: We are currently QC'ing the case parts and expect to begin test assemblies in the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Pre-order Customers: We will be sending out an email to the pre-order customers this month to request their final selections so that we can pay vendors and start organizing and prioritizing the parts QC.

I will apologize in advance if this update raises obvious questions that I haven't addressed here. I usually take more care when writing these but there's a lot of QC work to do and talking about it won't get it done. In addition QC work requires a lot of concentration so I am diving quite deep into these parts and rarely coming up for air during our 7 day schedule.