Key West GMT

  • Working on Group 6. A brief bout of flu at the end of December and bad weather in January slowed us down and kept me from getting back into a rhythm until about the end of January.
  • Group 5 is shipping now. Sorry for the delay we are re-working our shipping process so that I spend less time packing watches and more time working on them. Ironically this is causing shipping delays as I put together processes and procedures that hopefully won't create a lot of extra work because the procedures are not bomb proof. I hope to completely remove myself from the packing process this month.
  • QC'ing parts of the remaining assemblies: We are nearly at the point of having all of the parts for the remaining watches completely QC'd and ready for assembly.
  • Remaining slots: There are about 50 slots remaining. We will open up pre-ordering in February for about half the remaining slots available. If you are interested please sign up for the mailing list here. Please note that these new orders are expected to ship at the end of 2018 so if you are the impatient type this probably isn't for you.