2018-10-02: CSP maintenance

The CSP has some maintenance issues that prevent customers from accessing it directly so we have uploaded a work around until we can resolve the glitch. Given the issues we may take this time to upgrade the system as well. Here are a few answers to questions that will likely come up:

  1. Are my tickets still there? Yes the tickets are still in the system. The difficulty is that because of some back-end changes by the vendor you may not be able to login to the system to view and/or update those tickets.

  2. Can I still update my tickets? Yes you can by replying to the email chain you are CC’d on for each ticket. For the time being you may have difficulty logging into the system to view the tickets themselves but your replies to the emails are automatically added to the corresponding tickets.

  3. What if I have a question about an order, service request, or a general inquiry? Please use the contact forms on the site (Service Requests here) or reply to the emails that were automatically sent to you to confirm your order(s).

  4. I am getting emails from the CSP asking me to create an account. Do I have to set up an account in the CSP? No you do not. You can safely ignore those messages as it was always optional anyway. We will see if we can turn that auto-responder off for the time being.

  5. Are my deposits for the Project GMT (aka Key West GMT) and/or Project 300 okay? Yes. Your orders and deposits may be referred to or “confirmed” via the CSP at one point in time but all of the information regarding your deposits and orders are primarily held in the e-boutique and our own back-end accounting/scheduling system. In other words the CSP is just a communications portal rather than an order management system.

  6. When will the CSP be back online? At the moment we don’t know. What I can tell you is that James and I can see the tickets and respond to them as normal. So the CSP is still there and in use. The issue with the CSP appears to be isolated to customers’ ability to interact with it because of some upgrades done by the vendor. Hopefully we will know more about the status of the system in a few days.

Our apologies for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of this technical issue.