2018-10-12: Project 300 Update

  • The latest group of hands that we need for the last pre-order customers are currently in the finishing process. We expect to get them back around the end of the year.

  • This week we sent in additional purchase orders for parts to keep the process moving in Q1, 2019

  • For the last 2 weeks QC has been ongoing with the sapphire inlays. We are stock piling the parts for the assembly process. We are also prepping the springs for the bezels.

  • Scheduling has been completed for the customers for whom we have parts on hand, which is 3/4ths of the total pre-orders, including all of the Plankowners.

  • Assembly is slated to begin before the end of the month and we will be contacting customers to confirm addresses soon. We will also be contacting the 6 Plankowners, for whom their requested case backs will have to be repaired or replaced, with options.

  • We will be exhibiting at WindUp Watch Fair Nov. 2-4 so things will be busy between pre-show prep and the 300. This will likely be the last update before the show as we hunker down to push through as much work before we leave for NYC.

tini chen