Wind-Up 2017

Why are we doing Wind-Up? It’s a valid question since we have more than enough orders and work to keep us busy for the next year. In its 3rd year, we have supported Wind-Up since the first show, but only were able to attend the 2nd in 2016 and 3rd starting Friday, this year. We believe in the team behind Wind-Up and its potential as a showcase for interesting, sincere, and affordable watchmaking. We would go so far as to say that it has the potential to be more important to the future of watchmaking than what many big brands opt to do. We believe our participation can help the show’s development and make your investment into Mk II, as a brand, more valuable in the long term.

At Wind-Up, we will offer a small selection of our ready-to-wear lineup in hopes of somewhat defraying our cost of attending. Our goal is to get rare and valuable face time with customers both new and old, learn more about the retail process, and gain valuable experience for the future growth of Mk II. Ultimately we want to build Mk II for the long run, to leverage our strengths and improve our weaknesses. Wind-Up NYC is a step on the journey towards that vision.