Project GMT Update

A quick note to answer possible questions:

  • Yes everyone will get a "build in process" notification via email when we start working on your order
  • We will confirm your shipping address at the same time or shortly thereafter in a separate email. I know people will be traveling for the holidays so this also serves as a opportunity for you to request a hold in the delivery if necessary. We will not ship unless we can get a confirmation from you regarding the shipping address.
  • Momentum: We have been doing the advanced prep for the completion of the watches such as QC'ing bracelets. It is more efficient to spend a day or two QC'ing a bunch of bracelets rather than checking one bracelet at a time for each watch we finish. So it's a bit frustrating for customers as well as ourselves as we would like to start getting the watches out the door again but this will pay dividends later. We are working pretty much every day of the week at this point and dedicating our time to production (as opposed to admin and correspondence.)
  • Correspondence: Kindly be patient (well more than you already are ;) with us regarding correspondence and admin.....personally I was finding that if I focused on emails and paperwork at the beginning of the day (planning to switch to watch work after it was completed) that it took over my work day leaving me with only 1-2 hours a day to actually get bench work done. So I have been dedicating myself to bench work and then turning to emails as little as possible.

As always thank you for your patience and support!