Paradive Gen 3 ordering

For pre-order customers:

  • Ordering pages are ready and have been tested (more time consuming than one might expect ; - same goes for the testing of the coupon codes)
  • The coupon codes you need are ready and have been tested. At this point I just need to write and send the ordering email
  • Rubber straps have arrived and have been QC'd. They are good to go.
  • Timing QA of the first batch of watches has been completed.
  • We still have to QC the bezel inlays. If all goes as expected deliveries should begin by the middle of October.
  • Our estimate at this point is that we should be able to open ordering for the pre-order customers within the next 7 days.
  • If we have to make the ordering page public to everyone at the same time the lead times posted on the ordering page will not apply to pre-order customers (see below)

General order customers:

  • Please note that your orders will begin shipping after the pre-order customer watches have been delivered.
  • General ordering is expected to open in about 1-2 weeks. The lead times posted on the ordering page will apply to the General Order customers and not the pre-order customers.
  • At this time we expect that we will make the ordering pages private for the Pre-order customers for about 1 week so that we can get their selections in and keep everything organized. We don't want General Order customers mixed in with the Pre-order customers as it will unnecessarily complicate scheduling.

Thank you for your patience and support!