Paradive Gen 3 Update

Final selection ordering for pre-order customers should open in the next 5-7 days. We have been checking the timing on the watches and want to take a few more days for the following: * Check the inserts to make sure nothing goofy has happened. * Waiting on word from the rubber strap vendor to see when we will receive the straps (already into the 2nd delay so hopefully we get good news soon. They are supposed to be ready next week.....may be. If the straps weren't so damn good I would have dropped these guys a long time ago.) * Finish getting organized for the rest of the QC and shipments.

For General Ordering:

* We are still deciding when to open up ordering since it will take a few weeks to get the pre-orders out the door. In any event we will send an email out to anyone on the mailing list.

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