Project 300 Update

Quick update:

  • Dials: Just signed off on the mass production of the date and non-date dials. I had to give them some comments but I don't believe there is any use in going through another round of samples. Hopefully they feel the same and mass production will begin. Either way I will update the status later on.
  • Hands: Finally over the jet lag. I want to pack up these hands in the next week or so and get them on their way to the lume-specialist to get the hands glowing. The new hand cards held well while I was away so it looks like the new packaging will be ready for their first big test. (I had a card of hands on the bench standing upright for the last 5 weeks and all of the hands stayed on ;)
  • Case parts: Bracelets have arrived and more cases have arrived. Following up with the vendor on the remainder of the parts we ordered.
  • QC: I hope to begin QC of the case parts in earnest within the next couple of weeks.