Paradive Gen 3 Delivery

  • The production watches for the Paradive Gen 3 ready-to-wear are expected to ship to us in the next few days. After receipt we will begin QC.
  • Pre-order Customers: We will email you to request your final selections in the next week or two. We will send out the notifications after we begin QC and we take some product shots of the final version that will be available, the 12-hr GMT aluminum insert version.
  • The rubber straps for the Paradive are in production. In truth the straps were to have been delivered to us in July but at the last minute the vendor emailed us to tell us our order wouldn't be ready until September. So if you want your Paradive on the a UK MoD style strap there will be no delays in shipment. If you want your watch on the rubber strap shipment may be delayed depending upon when the vendor finally makes delivery of the straps to us.
  • General ordering: This will open in September. If you would like us to email you when ordering opens please add yourself to our mailing list if you haven't already!