Project GMT/Key West Update

  • All orders through Group 4 have been shipped. Group 5 assemblies have been started and are about 50% complete (that means every Group 5 order is 50% complete rather than 50% of the Group is complete. If it was the later we would have shipped those as well with Group 4.)
  • For 1001/1002s assembly is on track.
  • For the 1005/1006s assembly is on track
  • For the 1003/1004s these will prove to be the most difficult of the 3 types due to the high defect rate of the dials. We began QC of the latest batch of the black/gold dials and they look good. Depending on the scrap rate we may need to order 1 more batch of these dials to complete the orders outstanding. We will figure out that  in August/September.
  • Preliminary review of the latest batch of case parts looks good. We will dig into the case QC in more detail in August.

Thanks again for everyone's patience and support of the process.