Paradive Gen 3 launch

Thanks to support of the Hawkinge we are excited to announce the second offering in the ready-to-wear line, the Paradive Gen 3. It will be available in 6 configurations with a pre-order opening June 16th and shipments expected to begin in September:

1001/1002: Type I non-date or date, 12-hr aluminum insert (Pictures coming soon)

1101/1102: Type I non-date or date, 12-hr GMT molded acrylic insert

1004/1005: Type I non-date or date, Dive aluminum insert

Specifications are available on the pre-order page.

Below are the details of the pre-order. We wanted to get away from pre-orders but a production delay and some required travel in July forced our hand to use a pre-order to make sure we could hit the ground running when we got back. Originally we had expected to be shipping watches by now but instead we expect to begin shipping in September.

Pre-order Terms/Structure:

1. The deposit due today is $794 (pre-order discount of $100). When checking out select the $0.00 shipping option. 2. We will contact you via email in August 2017 for your final selections 3. Your payment when you make your final selection will be $1 + S&H 4. Delivery address will be submitted with your final selection in August. 5. Deposits are refundable at any time (but subject to travel related delays, note below). In addition there is the standard 3 day return privilege after delivery (please see our Policies for restrictions) 6. Shipments are expected to begin in September 2017 7. 75 pre-order slots are available (max 2 slots per person) - Yes there will be many more watches available than 75 ;) we will open general ordering in August/September.

Pre-order FAQ:

Why can't I make my final selection today? There will also be a 12-hr GMT aluminum insert version but we won't have pictures available until August 2017.

Why are there only 75 slots available?  We wanted to be able to ship all of the pre-orders within 6-8 weeks of shipments beginning. In addition we didn't want to get in too deep right now if the response was strong since we still have commitments to fulfill with the Key West and the 300.

Why are you collecting nearly the entire price today? This way we can keep the number of slots available lower and complete pre-order shipments more quickly.

* Please note that we will be traveling between July 16th and August 6th so any deposit refund requests during that time may take longer to process than normal.

Impact to Project GMT/300 customers:

If you have followed Mk II for at least the last several years you may be wondering how this new development effected the Plankowners and pre-order customers of the Project GMT/Key West and the Project 300.

  • Plankowners and select backers of the Project GMT/Project 300: We are sensitive to and grateful for the time that they have invested in the projects. We will/have contacted you via email with a special offer as well as an explanation of the timing/pre-order.
  • Funding: This watch was funded primarily using proceeds from the Hawkinge sales and did not use funds that were allocated for the Project GMT and the Project 300.
  • The Paradive Gen 3 is “Made in Japan” which means that the quality control, assembly and testing were performed in Japan, allowing us to maintain focus on the execution of the Project 300 and the Key West GMT.

Two Paradives in the collection?

  • This is going to be confusing for a couple of months. We are in the process of building a new web site and re-structuring our collections so the fact that there are two versions of the Paradive available and what that means will be much clearer.
  • Status of the Assembled in the USA Paradive: Honestly it's up in the air at the moment. We are close to completing the Graywater project so that means we will be able to re-open ordering, according to our self-imposed restrictions. The issue here is that the Graywater project took so long to complete because of the case supplier. The vendor has never been able to supply us with enough cases consistently. As you have seen when they do their job right it's amazing, but unfortunately just as often (about half the time) they get something wrong. So this has resulted in a trickle of available case bodies. The future of this version of the Assembled in the USA Paradive will be decided later this year. Finally it should be noted that pricing hasn't changed in more than 5 years so if ordering does re-open prices will be going up.