Project GMT Update

Sorry this update is way overdue. I had meant to post something back in March before Basel but was prepping for vendor meeting up until the last minute before the trip and forgot to "publish" this update. After I got back I was pushing on the QC work and lost track of time. So here is a mix of updates from before Basel and a more current update: Pre-Basel Update (the part I forgot to post in late March):

  • We are currently QC'ing parts that came in that are required for the delivery of the second half of the Key Wests.
  • At the moment we are identifying issues so that we can review them with the vendor when we go to Basel. For example we have identified some issues with the end-pieces for the bracelets. The vendor has agreed to take them back but we need to determine what percentage of the parts are affected and consequently how it will impact shipments. In the mean time assembly of the watch heads is ongoing.
  • Scheduling: I think people may  be expecting more than we have indicated we will be publishing as far as the timetable is concerned. We noted the way we were going to announce the timetable in our post from September 2016. To be more specific this section "Scheduling: I have been waiting to make a big announcement about publishing the entire delivery schedule but based on the last few months’ of work any projections more than a few weeks into the future will not prove to be terribly accurate. The reason for this is that the dials are quite difficult to work with and this leads to a higher level of re-work than with standard painted dials. What we will do is publish dates for those customers where shipment is expected within a 2-4 week window. For everyone else we will report on the Group # that we are working at the moment and provide a rough projection as to when the next Group # will be begun. That should allow me to provide more updates without having to spend a lot of time revising specific ship dates with all of the orders."
  • Assembly: This is currently on-going while we try to figure out how the end-piece issue will effect shipments. As far as the scheduling is concerned we are assembling according to the schedule that we have put together. Right now the bottle-neck is the end-piece issue for the bracelets. We will have to complete the QC of all 1200 end-pieces before we can resume shipments. This is because we have to return the parts that don't pass ASAP in order for the vendor to agree to re-work them. What we can say is that more is happening in the background than customers can see at this point and that we have been working a 6-7 day a week schedule for the last 6 weeks.

Post-Basel Update:

  • Assembly: We are actually working on assemblies for Group 5 at this point but because of the bracelet end-piece ("EP") issue there are watches here for Groups 3, 4 and 5 in a state of 70% completion while we work through the bracelet EP quality control. I post the group numbers at this point at the risk of over-stoking expectations but I think everyone would feel better knowing that something was happening on the assembly front and not just the QC front.
  • QC: The EPs have been a challenge. Normally it is just a aesthetic issue that we have to contend with. Performing that kind of QC is relatively quick, even for 1,200 pieces. However based on the nature of the issues we have identified we have also had to test fit all of the EPs to test cases, which is a much more time consuming process. The good news is that we have enough good EPs to complete up through Group 5. We estimate that the QC of the EPs will be completed by next week and that we will be able to resume shipments in the first half of June.'
  • We will have a better idea of a timetable for Groups 6-10 after we start QC'ing the case bodies in June and get them through the computer measurement process as well.
  • We are still working 6 day weeks and have been doing so since I returned from Basel.

Thank you for everyone's patience and support. I know its difficult especially with the summer approaching.