Project GMT Update

Project GMT update.....

  • The second batch of case parts have started to arrive.
  • The re-order for the black/gilt and the white/gilt dials have arrived and are pending QC/QA
  • At the moment we still have to re-order the inlays and the date wheels.
  • Scheduling is largely complete. We are still waiting on a few last pre-order customers. We sent out an email earlier with the final notification. If we do not hear from the customer or receive their order by the end of February 2017 we will complete scheduling without them.

2017-03-20 (Clarification): Please note that this post is meant to be read in context with the following post from 2016-09-13 where it notes:

"Scheduling: I have been waiting to make a big announcement about publishing the entire delivery schedule but based on the last few months’ of work any projections more than a few weeks into the future will not prove to be terribly accurate. The reason for this is that the dials are quite difficult to work with and this leads to a higher level of re-work than with standard painted dials. What we will do is publish dates for those customers where shipment is expected within a 2-4 week window. For everyone else we will report on the Group # that we are working at the moment and provide a rough projection as to when the next Group # will be begun. That should allow me to provide more updates without having to spend a lot of time revising specific ship dates with all of the orders."