Project 300 Update

Here is the current status of the Project 300:

  • Case parts have begun to arrive.
  • Bracelet is still in production. The EP (end-pieces) are still in production. We had some comments on the finishing and saw an updated EP last month and sent them our feedback earlier this month.
  • We have finished the review of the non-date dial sample and that should be going into production in March. Right now we are prepping the sample for the catalog photos so that we can finalize the ordering page.
  • We are still reviewing the date version of the Project 300 dial.
  • We will resume the production of the hands next month. We had been testing the supply chain and are comfortable with proceeding with the mass production of the hands. This will take more time than normal since we are sub-contracting with a specialist in lume application to finish the hands. To compensate for this we will start the production of the hands as soon as possible.
  • QC will begin soon and we will start contacting Plankowners to submit their final selections and payments next month. We have to shoot the catalog photos before we can open final selection.

As always thank you for your patience and support of the Project 300.