Ready-to-Wear Mk II Watches

We are pleased to announce the launch of the date and non-date Mk II Hawkinge™ with deliveries beginning June 25th, 2016. The Mk II Hawkinge is the first of what we hope will be an expanding line of ready-to-wear watches. Mk II was founded with the goal of designing and manufacturing high quality vintage inspired watches that would be inexpensive enough to wear every day. Over the last few years we have become known for our ambitious hand crafted limited edition projects. Projects such as the Kingston (and it would appear the Key West GMT and Project 300) have themselves developed into collectors items. More concerned with getting the watches right, we never anticipated that they would become collectible or quite so precious. The challenging techniques applied to the Project 300, and especially the Kingston and Key West practically necessitate that they are limited editions. These projects expanded our knowledge of case design and watchmaking. Thanks to our supporters, we had the luxury of utilizing techniques that are rewarding to execute and gratifying for customers to experience. We wouldn't change the way these watches are built or the attention that we pour into them. In fact, even though the nature of these projects limits their production volumes and availability, we want to continue to bring customers projects like these. However, for the last few years, we have been looking for an opportunity to return Mk II to its roots and more inclusive offerings.

The ready-to-wear line of watches is meant to leverage what we have learned in the last 12 years to renew our commitment to vintage inspired watches that can be used and experienced in the real world. We believe that we have learned enough about watch design that we will be able to offer customers an affordable timepiece that still delivers good value, design and performance. After years of searching for the right elements we have found a movement supplier and a case manufacturer that will enable us to realize those goals. The SII NE15 (aka Seiko 6R15) will enable us to offer functionality and accuracy that is comparable to a standard/elabore grade ETA 2824. In addition to Seiko's reputation for building solid and robust movements the NE15/6R15 should prove to be more affordable and serviceable than a comparable ETA SA movement. For competitive reasons we can't say much about the case manufacturer but we are pleased to announce that this supplier has enabled us to make the watches in Japan.

If you have followed Mk II for at least the last several years you may be wondering how this new development effected the Plankowners and pre-order customers of the Project GMT/Key West and the Project 300 Plankowners.

  • Plankowners and select backers of the Project GMT/Project 300: We are sensitive to and grateful for the time that they have invested in the projects. We have previously contacted them via email with a special offer as well as an explanation of the new line.
  • Funding: This first watch was funded using personal savings that were invested into Mk II and did not use funds that were allocated for the Project GMT and the Project 300.
  • The Hawkinge is "Made in Japan" which means that the quality control, assembly and testing were performed in Japan, allowing us to maintain focus on the execution of the Project 300 and the Key West GMT.

Thanks once again to our supporters and customers!