Project GMT Case Back

The image below is the final case back design for the Key West GMT (aka Project GMT). In response to the survey feedback from customers and prospective customers we modified the design that we had developed. Originally the engraving featured 4 diagonal lines that were meant to represent counterflowing air traffic. This detail did not elicit the kind of reaction we had intended so we removed 2 of the lines from the design and re-positioned the aircraft silhouette on the case back. Among the other suggestions for the case back design the following are the reasons that we did not move forward with those designs: * Palm tree/landing aircraft design by Steelinox: While we agreed that the design was excellent, our assessment was that after scaling the design down to the required size most of the detail that made the design attractive would have been lost or easily eroded with wear.

* PanAm style globe or PAA wing-style design: This was suggested by a number or customers and mocked-up by customer Brian (66Cooper). (Thank you Brian!). We loved the idea and the old PanAm logos but out of respect for the company and to give the Key West a unique identity we elected to develop the new design shown at the end of this post.

* Plane circling the globe: Another good idea that we actually tried. After quite a few iterations we felt that we could never get the resolution at such a small scale to make this attractive. We tried placing the globe in a number of different locations with unsatisfactory results.

* Sterile case back: We elected to use a design instead of a nearly sterile case back in order to separate the Key West from the Kingston. In addition we felt that a design on the case back was in keeping with the limited edition nature of the project and spirit of the reference design.

Key West GMT case back
Key West GMT case back