2015-08-20: Project GMT Update

  • We have 2 case back designs ready for review. One basic one and a second one with a design.
  • We will create two surveys: 1) for the Plankowners to voice their opinion and choose 2) a more general survey for everyone else. The reason for the 2 surveys is simple if there is any significant disagreement between the results Plankowners should have priority.
  • Everyone is welcome to discuss the design on our forum before voting but I probably will not be able to participate directly in the discussions given the current workload. For that I apologize in advance. We are trying to clear the deck of the design work that we do so that I can focus on managing the suppliers and executing the projects. I want to get the design work for both the Project 300 and Project GMT wrapped up in this regard by the end of August.
  • For the Project GMT inserts that is also one detail that we have to submit to the vendor for production. The design is about 95% finished and we are targeting the release of the design to the vendor by the end of next week.
  • The gilt dials (black and white) have been delivered but need to be checked. I wanted to let everyone know that they are in hand but please temper any predictions regarding delivery times as it only takes one mistake to send the whole batch back to the vendor for re-work.
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