2015-07-01: Project GMT Update

I am leaving in 12 hours for our annual pilgrimage to Taiwan to visit the in-laws so please excuse the brevity of this update:

  • Right now we are working through the date wheel printing process. We QC'd the first batch and are going through the second printing to build additional inventory
  • The first round of case body QC has been completed and we have returned the parts to the vendor that needed re-work.
  • A sample of QC'd case parts have been sent off the quality control company. This is the one I referred to an in earlier post and they will be doing computer measurements of the parts so we can verify the quality of the machining. If all is well then we will submit the bezel insert to manufacturing and continue with the process of cleaning and assembling the case bodies. We don't want to continue with this process until we can be reasonably sure the parts will fit together as designed.
  • We are still working on the case back designs. Sorry but just ran out of time before the trip to get the designs together for publication and feedback.
  • We are expecting the first batches of dials in September.

I return on the 20th of July....which is to say I will be lucid again towards the latter half of that week rather than online on the 20th. I will be doing accounting and catching up with correspondence with vendors while in the jet lag haze at the beginning of that week.