2015-04-22: Project GMT Coupon Scalping

A few notes about the incipient scalping of the coupon codes for the Project GMT:

  • Don't buy the codes....for one I can't see how you can verify the codes before payment is sent
  • If I even get a hint that the coupon code a customer used to purchase a slot was not assigned to them I will CANCEL  the order and refund the payment. If you are out of pocket having purchased the code that isn't our problem.
  • If you are just buying the Project GMT in order to flip the watch please be forewarned that you have to take delivery directly of the watch. The Project GMT slots are non-transferable. If you don't want your slot any longer we will refund your money.
  • If someone offers to sell their slot (and not the actual watch) don't buy it. The slots are non-transferable.

Sorry to appear to be such a b*st*rd about this but all you have to do is imagine how many problems and administrative headaches can arise from having to be a part of any secondary market like the one that is already developing. This will only result in unnecessary delays of deliveries to sincere customers. Mk II's mission is to design and build watches not aid the arbitrage of our work.