2015-04-07: Project GMT April Round

We will be doing something a little different for the April round of pre-ordering for the Project GMT. While I think everyone involved prefers the more relaxed pace of ordering the current process is proving too time consuming. Here is what we will be trying for the April round:

  1. We will set the ordering page to the "Notify Me" mode. We will do this on Wednesday, April 8th, 10 am (EST)
  2. The system will add your email address to the wait list in the order that they are submitted. We will leave it in this mode until 10 pm (EST), April 8th
  3. We will pick customers at random from the emails collected during this time frame and send them an ordering link or coupon code to place their orders.
  4. Customers will have until 11:59pm, April 11th to complete their orders, after which we will pick another set of customers.

Thank you for your time and consideration.