2015-02-03: Project GMT Pre-order

This is what we are going to try for this next round. Whether we continue with this format or return to the standard format will depend upon how this round goes. We are trying out this alternative format because of the feedback from disappointed customers about the limitations of the cart system. Its worth mentioning again that this is a limitation of most of the shopping cart systems out there. This is something that I figured out to try to make the process more pleasant. If it causes more confusion that it solves we will have to return to the "scrum" method instead. Here are the changes:

  1. We will select people via the mailing list. Essentially this will be done at random. (Sign-up instructions to follow below)
  2. We will set the price of the Project GMT at $999,999.99 (not the real price, obviously). This is designed so that only the people that are selected will be able to order (see next).
  3. We will send a coupon code to those customers that are selected that will reduce the price down to the actual price. The customers will have 7 days to use the coupon code, after which it will expire automatically and a new person will be selected from the remaining emails we have on record. If for whatever reason you do not use the coupon code in time you will have to try your luck again in the next round, the reservation will not be held or rolled-over under any circumstances.
  4. The cut-off time to submit your email address for this latest round will be Friday Feb. 6th. For those of you that have signed up already I will be sending you this message via email to confirm that you are on the list.
  5. MSRP will be increased by $200 to $1,595. This only applies to pre-orders from this date forward. This is NOT retro-active. If you placed your pre-order before Feb. 2015 your price will stay the same at $1,395

Please submit your email address here:

Email List Sign-Up

  1. Click "Notify Me"
  2. Type in your email address
  3. Click "Submit"
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