Project GMT: 2nd Stage Pre-order

Thank you for your interest in the Project GMT. The following is the process that we will follow for the distribution of the remaining slots available for the project. (Please note that if you are a Plankowner an email will be sent to you at the end of October with a unique set of instructions)

  • 25 spots will be released each month for 8-9 months beginning in October.
  • If the 25 spots sell out before the end of the month we will release the next 25 spots the following month. An email will be sent out each month to announce the release date and time.
  • If you see the "Notify Me" button on this page it means that ordering has been either temporarily suspended and/or hasn't opened yet.
  • If necessary we will be limiting customers to 2 reservations

The reasons for releasing the available spots in this sequence:

  • We want to spend the next few months QC'ing the parts we need for the build process. Collecting and processing the deposits does take quite a bit of administrative time. Spacing out the orders in this way will enable us to optimally balance our workload.
  • Email communication is not always the most reliable, spacing out the ordering in this way will allow time to compensate for this issue.

Price and payment schedule:

  • Price: $1,395 plus S&H
  • Deposit amount: $697.48
  • Second half of payment plus S&H due at time final order is placed
  • Special case back: The first 200 watches of this series will have a special case back made for it. For watches between 200 and 300 a standard Nassau case back will be used. The type of case back used on your order will be determined by the order in which your deposit is received.
  • Our current estimate is that final model selection will take place during the second half of 2015.
  • Refund period: Your deposit may be canceled and refunded in full at any time before your final order selection is made and submitted.
  • Serial number preferences: Sorry but we will not be taking requests for specific serial numbers. This option was one of the reasons for the delivery delays experienced with the Kingston Project.

For the month of October ordering will open October 13th 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

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