Nassau replacement bracelet link

We have been receiving reports over the last few weeks about customers that were not entirely satisfied with the way the Nassau bracelet fit. The problem revolves around the rivets and how they currently stop the last link from being able to utilize all of the micro-adjustment positions. We are currently in the process of re-designing the link that is the source of the problem and hope to make it available to customers within a few months. To be notified via email when the parts are ready for ordering please see the following page, click "Notify Me" and add your address where prompted. Please, if possible, use your the email linked to your Mk II account.

Kindly read the bottom of the "Concept" section of the product page. This will outline who will be able to receive the replacement part free of charge and who will have to pay a nominal fee.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Nassau, General Newsadmin