2014-04-10: Proj. GMT Design Update

We are still working on the date wheel design. We created a font for the date wheel that alludes to the original date wheel design. After much thought I decided that we can use the open "9" and "6's" that were characteristic of the original design. We are doing this so that our date wheel is distinguishable from the modern Rolex font used on their date wheels. In addition we will be keeping the number "4" and "7" more modern so as to distinguish the date wheels on the Project GMT from the vintage ones and the modern Rolex date wheels. I think this creates a nice balance between what customers are looking for and building in safe guards in the design to keep this part from being used by counterfeiters. The issue we are running into at this moment is that we have never designed a date wheel before. After creating the font and beginning the process of applying the font to the date wheel we realized that we actually need to create 4 fonts and not just one. Each series of numbers (1-9), (10-19), (20-29), (30-31) have to have their own sizes and spacings. So at the moment we are re-working the font again before we can finalize it for printing.