New watchmaker repair services

Literally we have gone through what must be close to a dozen watchmakers over the years. All of them well regarded and recommended but always falling short in one aspect or another. Finally we are pleased to announce our partnership with Midwest Watch & Clock (“MWWC”)of Missouri (USA). After years of searching for a suitable watchmaker we finally found in MWWC a watchmaker that can perform repairs and routine services to Mk II standards. This also means that Mk II will stand behind the quality of any repairs/service performed on our watches by MWWC. James Schudy, owner of MWWC, is a second generation watchmaker, having learned the craft as an apprentice to his uncle, an old school master and watchmaker to the Ft. Worth based railroads. After spending many years in aviation working with a different kind of high precision machine, James rekindled his passion for watches and returned to watchmaking full time in 2010. In addition to working with us, MWWC provides wristwatch service, repair, restoration, and customization.

What you need to know:

  • You can contact either James or I for guidance on repairs.
  • If you believe you have a warranty claim please contact Mk II directly. This is so that we can keep track of potential issues as well as pre-clear any warranty repairs.
  • For out of warranty repairs and regular service we recommend that you contact James directly. A $65 quotation fee is required, which can be credited towards any repairs performed. In these instances you can start with this page where you purchase a quotation package and then James will contact you with the next steps. To get the full quotation you will have to send the watch in for evaluation. James will be able to purchase on your behalf any Mk II parts you require to complete repairs to your Mk II watch.
  • MWWC will not be able to customize your Mk II watch. MWWC is bound by the same direct-exchange policy that applies to any watchmaker that contacts us for replacement parts. The original part must first be returned to us before we will be able to sell you a new replacement part of the exact same style/type.

Links you can use to submit a service request:

We hope that you will find this as a welcome addition to our capabilities and sign of our continuing commitment to improving the Mk II experience.

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