E-boutique & Transition Update

So far so good (we are running on the new servers). The changeover has been relatively painless, aside from all the work involved. Right now we are doing testing and getting back in the swing of normal operations. There will be some rough edges when we launch the site but short of a full catastrophe we plan to launch on Friday (Sept. 6th) - inputting all of the data took more time than expected. We could go live right now but I want to do some more testing. If things go according to plan we should be back to normal next week. * E-mails are up and should be working fine * When the site goes live you will receive an e-mail with a new password for the new e-boutique. * To be honest I don't know right now if your old orders will show up in the new site but the Customer Service Portal will still have the relevant information. If I can't get them to upload I hope there won't be mass panic as the old system didn't do a good job in this respect. This is the real issue with transitioning to a new system. No matter how much material you read to get ready you never really know exactly what's going to happen until after your live.

Thanks again for everyone's support and continued patience.

General Newsadmin