E-boutique now live....

The site is up and we are loading the existing customers into the server right now. If you have an account with us and certainly if you have ordered from us before the system will automatically generate a new password for you and e-mail it to you. Please post any bugs in the system in this thread on our forum. All we know now is that the important stuff is right (i.e. security) but I am sure there are settings we haven't covered or other process related "things" that have to be adjusted.

Thanks for everyone's patience. Normal service should resume tomorrow. Kindly note that there is a backlog of correspondence I will have to work down.

UPDATE: Error message on the Customer Service portal. You may get the following message on the Customer Service Portal "A Cross Site Request Forgery attempt has been detected; cannot continue with the required action." - We have submitted a ticket to the service provider and are waiting to hear back. It looks like this error message is the result of perhaps our moving servers and/or new security protocol with the Customer Service Portal software.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Customer Service Portal back online! (2013-09-10)

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