E-boutique: Heavy Lifting Completed

Well I think we are all set. There is still that one bug with the mailing list sign-up for the out of stock stuff. Here is a short run-down:

1) I have uploaded all of the existing customers. When you first login there will be some housekeeping. Not all of the information uploaded so sometimes your State or Country will be missing. We ask that correct these omissions when you get a chance. There is one group of customers that we had trouble uploading. If you login and see a bunch of "N/A"s and that you are all of a sudden a US resident living in Pennsylvania you will know that you were one of the trickier accounts to upload. I spent about 4 hours last night trying to figure out how to make the system upload these accounts but at about 12 am I figured that its best to just cut my losses and plug in some dummy data that the system would accept.

2) There is one module we haven't tested yet and it is a new shipment and tracking notification service. I don't know how to test it yet, short of mailing myself a package so we will see what the deal with that is. If I can get it to work it will be a nice service that automatically updates you about changes in tracking status.

3) We will be keeping PayPal payments for the time being. I think I found a way to cut down on a lot of paperwork, including the PayPal entries, that semi-automates the process. If it proves to be successful we should all win. I get less work and headache and you guys get to keep paying with PayPal :D

4) One plus though....(re PayPal)...you can now pay directly through the site. No more follow-up e-mails and manually sending in payment.

5) One casualty of the process. As much as I prefer to receive payments via check or MO the reality was that the number of non-payment orders and the admin they caused made this unsustainable. We cut this option from the shopping cart.

We will try to put together a slide show that outlines the new features of the site. I am really pleased with the functionality that we have been able to add. We are a few steps closer to a e-boutique that works a lot more like the big-boys :D

P.S. If you still find glitches please post here.......I may be done with all of the heavy lifting but I am sure there is more to tweak ;p

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