New E-boutique: Service Disruptions

The new E-boutique is coming along and we hope to launch very soon. Here is a list of potential issues that may effect our customers: * Order confirmations: We are still getting and processing orders through the current E-boutique. Sorry for the delay in the confirmations.  They will go out later than normal. At the latest it will be completed over the weekend.

* The E-boutique may go down for a few days. This will likely happen within the next week or so. I hope that the disruptions will be shorter than that but preparing for the worst case scenario.

* The Customer Service Portal will stay up. At the last minute we decided not to migrate to a new system. The new system didn't deliver on the Single-Sign-On ("SSO") capability that we had been promised so at best we will be delaying any transition to a new system for the near future. We are still working on providing customers SSO to their accounts and the Customer Service Portal but it is turning out to more complicated than we anticipated.

* The Mk II main site (the one you are on now) will stay live and we will post updates as required here.

Thanks for everyone's patience. The new platform, even without SSO, is heads and shoulders better from the customer perspective than the old system so I promise the disruptions will be worth the trouble.

General Newsadmin