E-boutique Upgrades Coming Soon

We are about half-way through the upgrades to the E-boutique we have been planning for almost a year now. When we get closer to going live there will be a few things to watch out for:

  • We will post a notice here. The "company site" that you are on now is not part of the upgrades so this site should stay up and live through the process. So we will post updates here as needed.
  •  The Customer Service/Order Status Portal will go down so that we can transfer the data to the new Portal. We will changing providers so we will (hopefully) be just transferring the data from one provider to another. To facilitate that we need to shut-down the old portal so that we can transfer the data over. At worst it will stay up and the tickets created during that transition period may be lost to the ether.
  • The site [boutique.mkiiwatches.com] will go down so do not be alarmed. We will need to redirect the the URL from the old server location to the new one. We will make an announcement when this happens.
  • Hopefully we will be doing this transition around Labor Day weekend when most everyone's minds will be elsewhere. Keep your fingers crossed. But we will post updates before anything happens.

Why are we transitioning to the new platform (or more correctly what do we hope to gain and our customers can look forward to):

  • SSO, aka Single-Sign-on, capability allowing everyone to access the Customer Service Portal and their Account Information one place. Right now you have to have login to two different systems - which is confusing to say the least.
  • Better interface: For example the new system won't require postal codes for countries that don't use them like the current system does. This has been a bit of a PITA for our customers, for example, in Hong Kong. Also countries that don't use states in their postal addresses won't be required to input them anymore. There will be a period of time where we will need to tweak the database but the capability is there.
  • Cleaner and more intuitive layout (e.g. we are changing the wording on the site from "In Stock: Lead time...." to "Availability: Lead time...." or "Ordering Open: Lead time..."
  • More flexibility in contacting us. The new system has the capability to accept inquiries from FaceBook, E-mail and direct login. It basically funnels everything into the same ticket system so that we have a centralized place to respond.
  • Project 300 and GMT customers should have a smoother process during the ordering/delivery phase once the new system goes into the place

So I expect that the transition will be like herding cats, some of whom will also trip on bumps in the road, but everyone should be better off on the other side. Thanks in advance for everyone's patience.

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