E-boutique going live soon

We will be switching over the domains from our old store to the new one in the next 12-24 hours. Our target is to get the store up and running by Sept. 3rd so that we can get back to business as usual. What you can expect:

* E-mail will be unreliable for the next few days. I would recommend using the Customer Service Portal (use this link to directly get into it.) The main site and the E-boutique will be off and on this weekend. If I get the changeover done correctly you might not even notice. If you do notice then something has gone wrong and we are fixing it.

* DO NOT TRY TO PURCHASE ANYTHING on the E-Boutique UNTIL I POST AN UPDATE. At the latest we should be back online on Sept. 3rd.

* You should be able to find your tickets on the Customer Service Portal but you may not be able to login to the E-boutique because I haven't transferred your account information over yet. When I do you will get an automated e-mail with new password for the new system.

* Thanks for everyone's patience. The new store's capabilities are incredible. It should make your experience more pleasant and rewarding and allow me to spend more time on the stuff that matters, Customer Service, Project Development (300/GMT), and making watches.

I will apologize in advance when the system does goofy stuff in the following week (Basically we have to go live in order to complete the installation of a number of key pieces of software so stuff is going to move around). There are a lot of details to tie down, like automated e-mails, etc. But do not worry the new system is much more secure than the old one so that shouldn't be an issue.

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