Project 300: v3.20 Update

Here is the latest update. I am pretty happy with the final result for the side view so please let me know your comments on the side views....otherwise when I get back from Basel if I still like the side view that is pretty much the way it will stay. Changes made:

* I made the "toothed" section of the bezel taller. The overall bezel height is still the same I just allocated more of the height to the teeth so that we could close the gap between the crown and the teeth. This also better balanced the bezel against the mid-section of the case. Part of the problem I was having with the design was the that mid-section just seemed overpowering to the rest of the case. I spent a lot of time wondering if it wasn't just an illusion caused by the 2D drawing. * I shaved a slight bit of thickness off the mid-section and also shortened the "drop" of the lugs. I was trying to balance the mid-section of the case body better with the bezel and the case back. * I also tweaked the case back profile

I know it may seem somewhat anti-climactic for 2 weeks' wait on an update but the subtle changes are important and sometimes they take time to reveal themselves. I am sure there will be additional small adjustments I will want to make when I return but fundamentally the side view is complete in my eyes.

If this looks good to you guys we will hit the bezel insert and dial design when I get back. If you have any comments please post them here.