Project 300 Update: v3.16

I have re-uploaded the missing images that were lost with the WatchUSeek server problem. Below are the changes I have made today. We are beginning the refining of the design so the changes are getting less dramatic but no less important. Here is a list of the changes I made this week:

* I reconciled the side views with each other (9 and 3) and also the top view with the side views. * I made the mid-section of the case (the area around the crown) about 0.1 mm thicker and the top side a little flatter. To be honest I am not sure about this change yet. I have to stare at it a few days to see if I like it. I can make some adjustments to the bottom of the lugs to make the whole mid-section look thinner. I am just thinking if I haven't unbalanced the side view of the case with the latest changes.

I am going to start tweaking the top view next week and continuing to adjust the side view. I think I want to make the dial a bit bigger and the ID of the bezel a bit bigger as well. I may or may not need to free up some space for the side-walls of the crystal to make sure the dial isn't distorted when you look straight down on the case. I am not sure yet. (Please note that the dial isn't final. I just dropped in what I had. The print above the size can be decided last. Its more important that the font and size of the markers is right - Sorry just noticed that this still has the Arial numerals on that that are supposed to be replaced)

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