Project 300 Design Update Posted

on the Mk II Forum. If you have an opinion on the changes now is the time to speak up. I will be continuing work on the design on Sunday and as we get farther down the road the design will become more fixed. I also sent out an e-mail to the Project 300 Plankowners to notify them of the update and to keep them abreast the current status of the project.

The following is a copy of the message that was sent: (If you know that you are on this list and did not receive this message please check your SPAM folder.)

"Project 300 Update

We are finally moving again on the Project 300 design phase. Updates have been posted on the Mk II Forum and now we do need your input if you have an opinion.

Basically I am working on the design on Sundays and posting the changes the following week for comment before revising the design. My goal is to be able to finish the design before I head to Basel at the end of April so that I can review it with the case manufacturer. The technical drawings will then be developed after I return from my trip.

At this juncture we have made a critical design update, which is where the crown is placed on the case body. This drives how the rest of the case will look. After we finish the side views we will return to work on the top view, dial, and bezel insert.

Thanks for your patience with this project.

Best Regards,

Bill Yao"