Delivery issue with the Mk II Nassau….

We have run into an unexpected problem with the production of the Nassau which will delay its delivery. During our inspection of the watches we discovered that the crowns were not functioning within the technical specification. While we do not believe the issue would affect customers directly we feel that the watch as it is currently assembled is not consistent with the level of workmanship our customers deserve. The crowns are currently being prepared for return to the vendor for their inspection and study. The resolution of the problem could take a few weeks or it could take months. We are exploring several solutions to the issue but at this point do not know how long it will take to resolve the problem. As a result we will be canceling all orders except for those of the returning Kingston customers. The effected customers’ payments have already been refunded via the original payment method. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Because I do not wish to disappoint the returning Kingston customers or make them wait for a resolution we will continue their deliveries as scheduled with one modification. We will be substituting the 8 mm crown for the 7 mm crowns we are returning to the vendor. As soon as the problem is resolved we will switch back to the 7 mm crowns.

To answer some anticipated questions:

• Will the use of the 8 mm crowns effect the Kingston: No not in a meaningful way • Will you be taking more orders from Kingston customers: No. We will not be accepting any new orders that will use the 8 mm crown • Yes it should be noted that if the Nassau watches are modified in any way their warranty will be voided and we will not even look at one that has been modified let alone service it.

For those Nassau customers whose orders were canceled, once we have fixed the issue we will be contacting them via e-mail when ordering can re-open. The customers that elect to re-order the Nassau will be given a discount and scheduling priority. Their new orders will be scheduled according to the sequence in which we received their original Nassau order. For example if you were originally the 5th person to order the first time around we will schedule your new order 5th (or better) for delivery.

Notifications to the canceled Nassau customers will be going out momentarily.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s understanding.