Kingston GO Delivery beginning

Kingston GO delivery will begin the week of April 16th, 2012. The delivery schedule is grouped as follows: * We stared a few non-date Kingstons (C3 and BG W9), which number less than 5 units. These will be completed first. Their tickets will be updated by Tuesday with their estimated ship dates.

* The date dialed Kingstons will be delivered next. The tickets for these customers will also be updated by Tuesday with the estimated ship dates.

* For the Kingston Non-Date C3 and BG W9 shipments will begin after the delivery of the date dialed Kingstons are completed. We are still waiting for the watches to return from Switzerland, where they are being assembled. The current projection is that we will  begin delivery of the non-date Kingstons in June. The tickets for these customers will be updated in May.

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