Kingston shipment update

We have shipped up to and including Prebuilt #110 and Custom #C60 (C52 and C59 are still in process). We are on track to complete the delivery of the Pre-order watches and parts kits by the end of this month. As I noted elsewhere we have been continuing to do the more time consuming work of re-working the watches (e.g. stems and hand alignment) and regulation, which is still on schedule. On that basis we have watches up to Prebuilt #125 and Custom #C64 in process and to the point of either requiring the last 2 or all three of the following:

  1. Final clean up of the inside of the case (This is a check we do to make sure there is no lint or other small foreign material inside the case before we close it.) and pressure testing
  2. Installation of the bezel and bracelet
  3. Pick and pack parts kit as required

These last three steps are easier to control time wise and go more or less according to plan. As a result its easier to make up this time later on. This is why, if we ran out of time during the week, we continued to start new Pre-order watches without necessarily finishing the watches that were currently in process. We expect to complete the re-work required, regulation and final testing on the last two pieces of the Pre-order this week. During this week we will also continue to finish the watches that we have started previously. As noted above this puts us on track to complete the deliveries of all of the Pre-order watches and parts kits by the end of February.

General Order Deliveries:

We will begin delivery of the General Order watches by the 3rd week of March. (Please note that the lag is a result of our trip to Basel for the watch fair from March 7th through March 17th). For the General Order we are still working on the scheduling. We are trying to balance efficiency with the actual order in which the orders were placed. As far as time frame is concerned our target is to complete the delivery of the General Order watches by the Middle of October.

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