Project 300 Survey Result

Using the survey results as a guide for Project 300, I have been working on how the dimensions should change. Primarily I was looking at how large a diameter watch we could make while minimizing the overall length of the watch. This is due to the fact a that most customers had signed up for the project based on some faulty figures that I had collected from an old military Seamaster that I no longer own. The viewpoint that the length was the overriding issue was reinforced by the survey results and people's feedback on the forum. The following are the target dimensions for the Project 300:

- Diameter: 41.40 mm

- Length: 48.75 - 49.25 mm

- Thickness: 12.00 - 13.00 mm

The length of the watch is still a range and represents one that I believe that we can safely achieve without distorting the proportions of the design. The range will provide the necessary freedom to tailor the length to the diameter. I will be doing my best to make the watch's overall length as short as aesthetics will allow. The top end of the range (49.25 mm) can be safely assumed to be a hard and fast limit to the maximum length of the watch.

Coming up:

  1. I will update the Project 300 page later this week
  2. I will begin work on the survey for the name of the project. The target launch date for this next survey will be the first half of the week of the 23rd.

My apologies for the extended delay in getting these results determined and published. Along with the holiday rush in November/December I have been struggling with the Pre-Order Kingston shipments and ultimately finding a balanced work schedule that would allow progress on watch deliveries as well as design work. Fortunately progress has been made on both fronts. Based on the new work schedule that I have been using for the last couple of weeks I should be back on the forum and directing the open projects this week.

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