Lumed Sapphire Inlay Paradive Now Available

After nearly two years of development the Paradive Type I-B is back! This time the Type I-B features a new luminous (BG W9) sapphire bezel inlay. The sloped sapphire inlay is, to the best of my knowledge, the first of its kind and the key hurdle that we needed to overcome in the production process. As arduous as the process was during the last two years the remarkable results were worth the struggle. The brightness of the BG W9 luminous layer was one of the biggest challenges and its performance has exceeded my expectations. Yes there will be a 12-hr GMT version of the sapphire bezel as well. However the production of the sapphire inlays has such a high scrap rate that we will be waiting until we have the parts literally in hand before we launch the 12-hr GMT variant.

Lume shot Paradive Sapphire Inlay

The new Type I-B model is available in:

  • Non-Date
  • Day/Date
  • Date only

configurations. The new models also are available with the new bracelet option. To shop and learn more about the new model please see the E-boutique here. Later we will post more photos of the different configurations available. For the last couple of months and through January we just don't have the spare production capacity to mock up the samples for photos.

For those customers that pre-ordered the Paradive when it was originally launched in 2010 we still owe you a parts kit and bracelet. We will be contacting those customers via e-mail in March. The longer lead time for the original pre-order customers is so that we can get enough bracelet Paradives completed that we can provide you with support and guidance during the installation of the bracelet. Each bracelet and production batch has its own quirks that we need to work through and understand before allowing someone to self-install a bracelet.

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