Extended lead times and vacation

As some of you may have noticed the lead times for the pre-built watches has suddenly jumped from 4 weeks to 7. In addition certain watches have gone off the E-boutique site. There are three reasons for the changes. The original 4 week lead time, while in itself long, was intended to give me some time to prepare additional watches for assembly as we were running out of certain models. Certain models have gone off the site because we are now officially sold out of those models. Orders placed before those watches went off the site will be filled. The LRRP and Sea Fighter models that dropped off the site will not be restocked but will be replaced by new LRRP and Sea Fighter variations. The lead time has jumped from 4 to 7 weeks because for the first time in 3 years I will be taking a vacation, sort of. Many of you will remember the health problems that I had in 2009 through 2010 and this was largely due to the workload and specifically the recession made it impossible for me to take any time to recuperate from a punishing schedule. I realize that for many Kingston customers this appears to be inopportune timing but frankly I will be more likely to maintain the current pace of shipments and improvements in our operating tempo with this break. This break has been scheduled for several months now and will not affect the announced intentions to finish the 1st and 2nd stage Kingston deliveries before the end of this calendar year and to begin the General Order deliveries in January 2012. I will be officially on vacation from July 16th through August 1st with some time added to my return to get over the jet lag.

I do intend to maintain and continue the discussions of the Project 300 during my vacation. I will be taking my Ipad and will have Internet access while I am away.

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