Start thinking of some names... :D

for the Project 300 watch that we will use on the dial and/or case back. We should be able to start the design phase shortly. I have studied the sample SM 300 that I purchased a few months back and have begun the sketches of the case body. So far the most significant change that I think will make the watch better and set it apart from the original will be to increase the case size by 5%. This will result in a 42 mm case versus the original 40 mm case diameter, as measured across the bezel. I think we can get away with keeping the lug width at 20 mm, whereas increasing that by 5% would lead to an awkward 21 mm lug width.

Based on our experience with the delivery phase of the Kingston project I am researching the feasibility of closing the pre-order before we reach the targeted 150 reservations. The number of reservations continues to rise and I expect that once discussions begin on the forum we will not have a problem reaching the 150 if I can't think of a creative way to fund an early closing to the pre-order.

My internet connection is out of order this evening. I am writing this post in the hotel lobby in what is probably inappropriately casual attire next considering my surroundings. Assuming that the Wi-Fi connection is fixed tomorrow as promised I will try to start the design discussion on the forum. (Update - May 25, 2011 - I will begin the discussion on the watch when I return to the US in a few days. The jet lag, the meetings, and the lack of air conditioning here in Switzerland has me struggling to get through each day.)

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