General status report and travel notice (Updated)

There will be updates coming soon about the Project 300, the new Stingray II, and some developments regarding the proposed homage to the "Pan Am" GMT project. Please note that I will be traveling to Switzerland from the 23rd of May through the 29th to meet with suppliers. Topics that I will be talking to my vendors about will include the Project 300, Stingray II, and making sure that we are approaching the Kingston's stem length issue in the best/optimal way. The trip has been built into our work/delivery schedule for some weeks now so customers should not anticipate any additional delivery delays. Please note that the pace of communication may be effected by my absence.

UPDATE: Confirmations for orders placed since Friday the 6th of May will be delayed for another day or so. Our primary computer was down over the weekend and while all the data is safe and sound we need to bring someone else in to re-connect it to our remote servers before we can download the new orders. Any questions please feel free to e-mail us or open a new ticket through the Order Status Portal.

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